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Business Review

When you choose the GLBC business review, an advisor will spend an agreed period of time, up to a day, in your business observing and identifying where opportunities for improvement or efficiency may lie.

The GLBC business review is for:

  • Periods of rapid growth
  • Mergers/acquisitions
  • Businesses looking to exit
  • Passing on the reigns
  • New business development stages

The business review can be used as a crisis management tool towards performance, operational and financial improvement. It can also act to support large change management programmes, as well as a stock check after purchase, merger or acquisition to assess your new situation.

What are the benefits of a GLBC business review?

  • Helps you understand in black and white your current situation and what changes need to be made to increase performance
  • Resets businesses that have strayed from their business plan and determined path
  • Increases adoption of change and provides tools to realign to your business vision
  • Gives you external expert insight and a big picture view
  • Is on hand via ‘Your Commercial Advisor’ to ensure these improvements are implemented successfully using dedicated and board level resources

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